Just a few years ago, saying 'I love what I do' was a fantasy for Marnie. After a long career in depression and anxiety (aka a high-powered corporate career), Marnie made the decision to leave behind the passion-less path of other-people’s-business to forge her own, and ultimately empower others to do the same. She set some big scary goals, found a mentor, and a vehicle and simply never looked back.


Today, she continues to build her global online business helping thousands of others do the same and lead the way for a world with better health, wealth and happiness. 


In her spare time, Marnie travels the world helping many leaders with the proven system she used, sharing the stage with the likes of Bob Proctor, Eric Thomas, and contributing as a thought leader on countless radio, TV and online programs including the prestigious HuffPost Live. 


She dedicates everything she does to living a healthy, happy life full of love and abundance in honor of her mother who left this world suddenly in 2011 with heart disease at the young age of 50. Also, to her little niece Hazel-nut in the hopes that she only ever knows how powerful she is, nothing less. And to everyone she meets looking for the same thing she was just a few years ago... a little thing called 'belief.'


Think big, BELIEVE big, grow big. 

"...a respected influence

to people all over

the globe!"

Marnie Kay

Marnie Kay