Marnie speaks regularly at corporate functions, events, trainings and seminars as well as workshops and key note for non-profit organizations.  Marnie has led workshops and motivational engagements on Belief, Self Confidence, Public Speaking and Speaking with Confidence, Women in Business, Peak Potential, Human Habit, Results Based Thinking, The Art of Networking, Influencial Leadership and much more. 


Contact Marnie today with your specific need and have a tailored seminar for your small or large group created to reach and impact the audience.  Marnie Speaks with humor, stories and confidence and has received much recognition for her ability to engage and educate an audience.


"Not only is she a humorous, well spoken motivational speaker, but she is a respected influence to women all over the globe." 

Marnie regularly speaks at events from women's empowerment groups, to entrepreneur events as well as networking and informative workshops.  
Marnie's frequent topics of interest include:
-The Power of Belief
-Public Speaking
-Women in Business
-Servant Leadership
-Becoming an Author
Marnie has spoken for major corporations and foundations such as SIPO Foundation and Deloitte. 
Marnie's KEYNOTES include:
Speaking with Confidence
The power of public speaking and learning to speak with confidence.
Discovering the Power of Belief
Unlock your true potential by discovering the power of belief.
Marnie has conducted many workshops of her own and for other companies, individuals and teams. 
Marnie's signature workshops:
-The Art of Networking
-Becoming an Author
-Mastering the Power of Belief
-Goal Setting
-Sealing the Deal